The Career Trajectory of Women in Law
Women Leadership in Law Conference
Beverly Hills, California

May 23, 2017
Stacy D. Phillips
Legal Perspective on Autonomous Ships, Vehicles, and Shipping
National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine Marine Board Spring Meeting Focus Session
Washington, D.C.
May 24, 2017
Sean T. Pribyl
Fundamentals of Civil Litigation 2017
The Delaware State Bar Association Fundamentals Series
Wilmington, DE
June 1, 2017
Adam V. Orlacchio
Ransomware, Social Engineering and Cyber Liabilities
Executive Briefing Forum
North Ranch Country Club, Westlake Village, CA
June 8, 2017
Ana Tagvoryan
The Perils of Dealing with Whistleblowers Under the False Claims Act
Seton Hall Law U.S. Healthcare Compliance Certification Program
Seton Hall Law School, Newark, NJ
June 12, 2017
Nicholas C. Harbist
Open Skies and Seas: How Unmanned Technologies Are Impacting the Maritime and Energy Sectors
2017 International Conference on Unmanned Aircraft Systems
Miami, FL
June 13ā€“16, 2017
Sean T. Pribyl
Labor & Employment Law Briefing: Strategic Guidance for Legal Trends and Developments
The Logan Philadelphia Hotel
1 Logan Square
Philadelphia, PA 19103

June 13, 2017
Scott F. Cooper, Mark Blondman, Jonathan A. Clark, Anthony B. Haller, Brooke T. Iley, Michael A. Kadlec, et al.
Conducting the Examiner Interview
PLI New York Conference Center
June 15, 2017
Jay P. Lessler
International Trade Sanctions, FCPA, and Customs Lunch ā€˜nā€™ Learn
Houston, TX
June 15, 2017
George T. Boggs, Larry Hampel, Matthew J. Thomas, Carlos F. Ortiz
Northeast U.S. Petrochemical Construction Conference 2017
Pittsburgh, PA
June 19-20, 2017
Margaret Anne Hill