Learning and Development

Blank Rome is committed to hiring, training, mentoring, retaining and advancing an exceptional group of diverse attorneys, and providing them with opportunities for personal and professional growth. We recognize that individuals learn in a variety of ways.  Accordingly, in addition to our having a rich learning culture due to the commitment and countless hours spent by our partners sharing their knowledge, we have developed a wide array of learning opportunities and programs to assist our lawyers in achieving their personal professional goals.

Some of these learning opportunities include:  

  • In-depth orientation and integration programs.
  • A set of performance factors and behavioral indicators by practice area and career level by which associates can develop an individualized development plan. 
  • Career Development Advisors who ensure that each associate gets access to the work and other opportunities needed to advance in identified areas of skill development.
  • A vast array of substantive legal skills programs such as the Blank Rome Trial Academy, deposition skills training, contract drafting, writing seminars and individual writing coaching by internationally acclaimed coaches. 
  • Associate Retreats that enable all associates from all offices to gather together for learning, collaboration and fun.  This year the Firm hosted an Associates’ Retreat concurrently with a Partners’ Retreat, a Women’s Retreat and an Attorney of Color Retreat.  These retreats provided a unique opportunity for all Firm attorneys to interact with one another while celebrating the Firm’s 65th Anniversary where our Associates were recognized and embraced as the talent that will take us into the next 65 years. 
  • Our career development program connects our work allocation program, career development program and practice benchmarks to a competency-based career development framework which ensures that Blank Rome clients are being serviced by exceptional lawyers who have mastered the requisite skills to perform the tasks required to meet their legal needs.  This enables us to more effectively staff matters and distribute work and provide rich learning opportunities in a manner that equitably develops our associates through the experiences and benchmark-relevant training determined to be critical for the associate’s developmental level and assigned practice area.