Lateral Partners

Blank Rome’s growth strategy is to broaden the Firm’s national footprint both by expanding our existing markets, particularly New York, Washington, DC, Los Angeles and Houston, while pursuing strategic opportunities in other “tier one” markets in the United States and abroad.  Our Strategic Plan serves as the foundation for our growth.

I was looking for a law firm that combines the benefits of a large, national law firm with the collegiality and sense of family that is found in smaller firms.  Blank Rome is just such a place.  Our firm affords its lawyers a national platform from which to practice, and a culture that combines professionalism and team work.  We are truly "one firm" where our perspective is "us," not "me."

Jerry D. Bernstein, Partner
White Collar Defense and Investigations

Blank Rome has a long, successful history of growth through strategic combinations and the addition of lateral attorneys. During the last five years we achieved our goal to develop leading practices in the financial capital of the world, New York City, as well as to become a leading player in our nation's capital, Washington, DC – as well as opening new offices in Los Angeles, Houston, and Shanghai.   Our dynamic, thriving practice continually seeks new legal talent to better serve the needs of our clients globally.

Blank Rome's culture welcomes and values the unique qualities that come with all of its attorneys, whether they began their careers at Blank Rome or came to us after many years of experience at other firms, within government, from corporations, or from a host of other backgrounds, and many hold leadership roles in the Firm.

Blank Rome recognizes the special needs of lateral attorneys at all stages in their careers.  From orientation to advanced skills training, Blank Rome provides cutting-edge professional development and training to ensure that the law career you build will suit your needs and the needs of your clients well into the future.