Our summer associates are recruited from a variety of the nation's top law schools and bring a wealth of perspectives and experience to Blank Rome.  Some have studied linguistics, biology, urban studies, or theatre arts in college.  Some have worked as consultants, teachers, engineers, accountants, law clerks, legislative aides, or interns at nonprofit organizations.  Their interests are as distinctive as they are, which makes Blank Rome a richer, more rewarding working and learning environment.

Blank Rome Diversity Scholars Program

Blank Rome actively supports opportunities for the advancement of underrepresented groups in the legal profession.  In 2006, Blank Rome established the Blank Rome Diversity Scholars Program to attract outstanding diverse law students from partner law schools.  A strong and effective diversity program is a top priority for the Firm, and the Blank Rome Diverse Scholars Program exemplifies Blank Rome’s tangible commitment to the advancement of minority law students and to the attainment of a more diverse legal community.

Blank Rome Diversity Scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic achievement, demonstrated leadership, community service, work experience and commitment to the practice of law.  Each scholar is teamed up with a Blank Rome partner and associate, who serve as mentors for the duration of the Summer Program.