Insurance Cases to Watch in 2017

January 2, 2017

Media Coverage

Insurance attorneys will be eagerly awaiting guidance from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court in 2017 on the standards for establishing bad faith by an insurer, as well as decisions from federal appeals courts on the scope of invasion-of-privacy and asbestos exclusions.

Here, Law360 takes a look at some of the cases that insurance companies and policyholders will be tracking in 2017.


"It will be positive to get clarity on the standards and test for bad faith in Pennsylvania," said John Gibbons, a Blank Rome LLP partner who represents policyholders. "The two-pronged approach adopted by the Superior Court is clearly aligned with the law of other states and recognizes the nature of the insurance relationship. Requiring a third prong for 'motive of self-interest or ill will' is simply adding a malice standard far beyond what should be part of the bad faith analysis."

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"Insurance Cases to Watch in 2017," by Jeff Sistrunk was published in Law360 on January 2, 2017.