Domestic Violence and Restraining Orders

Domestic violence is a serious matter requiring urgent attention and action. At Blank Rome, we help clients respond to violence, advocating or defending in both criminal and family courts depending on the nature of the matter. We are experienced in prove-ups, personal restraining orders, related restrictions on custody and visitation, loss of the right to receive spousal support, penalties and fines and, in some instances, addressing jail time.

For clients who are the victims of domestic violence, we provide referrals into our network of professional resources, including therapists, as a way of helping break the cycle of violence.

Blank Rome is a leader and advocate for California domestic violence laws. Partner Stacy D. Phillips served as a co-author of and provided testimony for Senate Bill 924 (now California Civil Procedure Section 340.15), which extended the statute of limitations for domestic violence claims, giving victims the right to sue their offenders in civil court in a more realistic time frame.