Property & Business Interruption Insurance

Each year, natural and man-made disasters—including hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, and explosions—and other, non-catastrophic events, such as mold infestation, cause individuals and businesses to incur millions of dollars, if not tens of millions of dollars, in losses. In addition to damaging or destroying real and personal property, these events often also interrupt business operations for days, weeks, months, or, in extreme cases, years at a time.

How quickly and effectively a company is able to recover from a disaster and resume normal business operations directly affects its bottom line. Understanding the scope of available insurance coverage, as well as other relevant terms and conditions of available insurance policies, can help individuals and businesses better plan and implement their recovery efforts. Our insurance coverage practice has substantial experience providing clients effective strategies for identifying and maximizing sources of coverage; protecting against unnecessary loss and obtaining coverage for expenses associated with such mitigation efforts; and securing insurance proceeds for property losses, related revenue losses, and extra expenses. Our attorneys have helped clients achieve substantial recoveries through litigation, arbitration, mediation, or alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.