Affirmative Action

Human Capital

Blank Rome’s employment attorneys represent employers with government contracts in all aspects of affirmative action compliance. We routinely work with companies in a broad range of industries across the United States in the development and implementation of company-wide affirmative action programs and provide targeted guidance and legal advice to assist our clients through government audits.

What We Do

  • Represent and advise government contractors and other companies regarding their affirmative action obligations and create customized, comprehensive affirmative action plans.
  • Review and audit our clients’ employment and compensation practices, including practices relating to recruiting, hiring, retention, promotion, and termination of employees, as well as applicant tracking and record keeping procedures to identify potential problem areas.
  • Advise and train company personnel in their affirmative action responsibilities, including outreach efforts to recruit, attract, and retain qualified women, minorities, veterans, and individuals with disabilities, and suggest ways to avoid penalties.
  • Prepare and guide clients through government audits, which often entail detailed submissions, significant follow-up submissions, and on-site visits by investigators and, where necessary, effectively negotiate conciliation agreements with the government to minimize penalties or future reporting obligations for our clients.

What Makes Our Practice Different

  • Our lawyers understand our clients’ businesses and the unique factors that impact employment and compensation practices for contractors.
  • We consistently and closely monitor and report on significant governmental developments such as updates to pertinent rules and focus areas.
  • Our experience advising clients in many industries through numerous government audits where we have provided detailed guidance to successfully avoid on-site visits and penalties.

Representative Engagements

Representative engagements have included:

  • Developed customized, nationwide affirmative action plans for Fortune 1000 company with 20 U.S. facilities.
  • Successfully navigated cable manufacturer through several government audits at various facilities with positive results.
  • Assisted various federal contractors and banks in preparing government compensation and employment activity filings.
  • Provided daily advice to contractors and non-contractors with respect to affirmative action compliance.