Debt Trading Practice

Heart of the Deal

Blank Rome’s debt trading practice is comprised of a dedicated team of professionals devoted to the secondary market trading of loans originated by commercial banks and other similar private debt.  We emphasize the efficient management of this work to keep the cost of our services consistent with the yield objectives of trading desks and asset managers.  Our attorneys advise clients on multi-currency loans, loans issued to foreign entities, trade claims, project finance loans, and sovereign-backed obligations.  We also have extensive experience in trading documentation for both Loan Syndications and Trading Association (LSTA) and Loan Market Association (LMA) trades, swap termination claims, and private equity transactions.  Additionally, our full-service team includes seasoned attorneys to address any issues that may arise in connection with loan workouts and restructurings as well as bankruptcy filings.

Our debt trading team remains on the cutting-edge of this practice.  Our skilled lawyers participate actively in the loan trading market through the firm’s membership in the LMA and LSTA and have established relationships with most of the commercial banks, asset managers, CLO funds and other financial institutions involved in the industry.  Collectively, the team has over 30 years experience servicing numerous trading desks, banks and asset managers in their settlement of thousands of trades of loan paper having a face value aggregating many billions of dollars.

Our national and international clients include commercial banks, investment banks, broker-dealers, asset managers, hedge funds and other entities involved in debt and claims trading, loan portfolio transactions, and related matters.

Select Engagements

  • Negotiated and documented the purchase of a portfolio of approximately 8,200 commercial loans with an aggregate value in excess of 2 billion Mexican pesos.
  • Negotiated and documented trades of syndicated and private Latin American debt.
  • Developed and implemented best practices for the ramp up of numerous market collateralized loan obligations (CLOs).
  • Developed information barrier policies and procedures for loan trading desk clients.
  • Represent financial institutions and hedge funds that invest and trade in distressed assets such as syndicated loans, trade claims, securities and other financial instruments issued by companies in financial distress.
  • Regularly implement credit documentation, prepare and negotiate transaction documents, and coordinate settlement.
  • Monitor bankruptcy filings and other general market developments in loan trading.
  • Advise commercial banks, investment banks, broker-dealers, investment advisers, and other entities in connection with distressed loan trading, CLO ramp ups, and loan portfolio transactions.
  • Advise on confidentiality agreements relating to debt trades, tax withholding and regulatory issues, and structuring transactions.